Authors: Ksiezopolska M.

Title: The styles of solving the identity crisis within young criminals who abuse alcohol - the academic deliberation with the description of the own research

Source: Ruch Pedagogiczny (Pedagogical Movement)
year: 2007, vol: 78, number: 5-6, pages: 47-65
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Discipline: EDUCATION

Language: POLISH

Document type: ARTICLE

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M. Ksiezopolska, Poradnia Psychologiczno-Pedagogiczna w Szczecinku, Szczecinek, Poland

Abstract: In developmental psychology searching and forming an identity is the main and central existential problem of the late adolescence. Before the young human being is going to form its identity, will confront itself with the internal confusion and the result may be - by the lack of an appropriate support and a cooperation of adults - breaking the law, life within the 'value' of the criminal world, alcoholism. This article is an attempt to bring closer the topic of an identity crisis regarding to young criminals addicted to alcohol. The aim of this article was also, next to academic deliberations, the presentation of the own research results. They were the attempt to make the assessment of the differences within the identity status, defined as various styles of solving the identity crisis within the young criminals - alcoholics and non-alcoholics.

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M. Ksiezopolska,