Authors: Obolevitch T.

Title: Polemical Themes in Epistemology of Siemion Frank

Source: Przeglad Filozoficzny - Nowa Seria (Philosophical Review - New Series)
year: 2008, vol: 17, number: 3(67), pages: 61-70
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Discipline: PHILOSOPHY

Language: POLISH

Document type: ARTICLE

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T. Obolevitch, Papieska Akademia Teologiczna w Krakowie, Wydzial Filozoficzny, ul. Kanonicza 25, 31-002 Kraków, Poland

Abstract: The article compares epistemological views of the Russian philosopher, Siemion Frank, and the Neo-Kantians of the Marburg School. Developing their views from Kant's philosophy the Germans assumed that the object of cognition can only be referred to as an unknown variable, which is neither given or postulated in the inquires but must be constituted in the process of cognition. Frank claims, however, that the unknown variable can be identified with an objectively existing absolute or an all-encompassing-unity. Entering in a direct polemic with the Neo-Kantians Frank argued that the process of cognition is dependent on the object of cognition even though the object remains 'inconceivable'. This view amounts to stressing the priority of what there is over what is known, and has been called 'ontologism'. It is characteristic for a large segment of Russian philosophical thought.

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