Authors: Czyzewski Andrzej , Kulyk Piotr

Title: RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MACROECONOMICS SURROUNDING, ECONOMIC POLICY AND AGRICULTURE IN DEVELOPED COUNTRIES AND POLAND IN THE YEARS 1991-2008 (Relacje miedzy otoczeniem makroekonomicznym i polityka gospodarcza a rolnictwem w krajach wysokorozwinietych i

Source: Ekonomista (The Economist)
year: 2010, vol: , number: 2, pages: 189-214
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Discipline: ECONOMICS

Language: POLISH

Document type: ARTICLE

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Andrzej Czyzewski, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu, Katedra Makroekonomii i Gospodarki Zywnosciowej, al. Niepodleglosci 162, 61-875 Poznan, Poland;

Abstract: In the paper the authors have presented the role of the dominating economic policy options and macroeconomics surrounding in creating economic situation of agriculture. First, they discussed the main assumption of the methodology and measurement methods of economic policy options. The empirical results confirmed the thesis that transformations occurring in the farming sector should br viewed against the background of changes in the macroeconomic environment. It is noticed that, in spite of numerous attempts made in many countries to find more effective methods of stimulating the agricultural development, interventionism remains one of key-mechanisms of exerting influence. Convergences in the directions of economic policy and agricultural policy did not remove existing disproportions in the size of retransfers to the agriculture. Hence the significance of structural differentiations in agriculture and of the macroeconomic situation is maintained. The paper also shows the nature of such changes in the macroeconomic environment , particularkly in the labour market and the money market, which can be favourable for stable growth and development of agriculture.

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Piotr Kulyk,