Authors: Lipinska-Loks Jolanta

Title: MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS AND DRUGS (Gimnazjalisci wobec narkotykow)

Source: Rocznik Lubuski (Lubuski Yearbook)
year: 2010, vol: 36, number: 1, pages: 161-171
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Discipline: EDUCATION

Language: POLISH

Document type: ARTICLE

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Jolanta Lipinska-Loks, Wydzial Pedagogiki, Socjologii i Nauk o Zdrowiu, Uniwersytet Zielonogorski, ul. Licealna 9, 65-417 Zielona Gora, Poland

Abstract: Social conditions in which we live raise great interest among scientists and in other social spheres. An average individual is bombarded with information. This information evokes emotions-sometimes so immense that it is difficult to deal with them, understand the cause of some facts, and accept their consequences. Many people fail in dealing with the modern world. It seems that those whose conditions of life are very difficult tend to be more exposed to threats. Personality traits are also important. The age of a person is meaningful as well. Young people - adolescents, middle school students - are in a very specific situation. On the one hand, they have the 'chance' to measure their strength themselves in such a difficult period of their development and deal with the consequences of this fact. On the other hand, they have to face difficult and complicated social conditions. Everyday life of young people abounds in risky and threatening situations (violence, Internet threats, early sexual initiation, careless undertaking of risky situations and, finally, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs). How does an average young person, often left alone with their doubts and problems, deal with the danger of pathological situations, specifically connected with drugs? How does this person perceive the surrounding world and its problems? What opinion do they express about pathological phenomena (drug addiction) and people laboring under their problems (e.g., drug addiction or the threat of it)? Is the young person-'an impatient idealist', 'filled with the hunger of knowledge', 'desiring thrill', 'desperately needed to be accepted by a group', 'dreaming about living the life to the full'-able to oppose various temptations of the modern world? Does this person have a chance to create their own 'healthy and narcotic-visions-free' reality? There are so many questions to be answered. There is a chance that this article answers some of them and hopefully it approaches this sector of the surrounding reality as it is perceived by middle school youth.

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