Authors: Marszalkowski Jakub

Title: THE IMPORTANCE OF ADVERTISING EXCHANGE FOR MARKETING BROWSER GAMES (Znaczenie wymiany reklam dla marketingu gier przegladarkowych)

Source: Homo Ludens
year: 2011, vol: 1, number: 3, pages: 103-116
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Discipline: GAME STUDIES

Language: ENGLISH

Document type: ARTICLE

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Jakub Marszalkowski, Politechnika Poznanska, Wydzial Informatyki, Instytut Informatyki, ul. Piotrowo 2, 60-965 Poznan, Poland

Abstract: The article presents the most complete description possible of the basics of the idea of advertising exchange, as well as some more specialised research into the marketing of browser games. As those games grow in number, the importance of acquiring network traffic to attract players rises. Advertising exchange is the least described of all the possible ways to achieve this. First, a necessary set of definitions will be proposed. Then, the costs and aims of advertising exchange in relation to browser games will be discussed. Finally, three methods: direct exchange, partner cooperation, and indirect exchange through toplists will be presented. Their specific aims, advantages and flaws, importance and range will also be analysed in as much detail as possible, with the use of real data. Examples of relevant applications will be presented as well.

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Jakub Marszalkowski,